Friday, July 18, 2014

PS: I am Back!

Oh Well.. a loud HELLO World..!! How very exciting is this to be back to writing. God! I love it and I missed it.. Hell yeah!

Here's just a first quick post, a lot of non-sense to follow ;)

So, to begin with- What prompted me to come back to writing? Hmm.. well honestly the answer is a bit weird.. ok a lot like weird.. I was just travelling back home from work, stuck in the midst of traffic and a random thought just came to my mind.. it somehow urged me to get back to writing. And here I am 12:30 in the night driven by that stupid random thought-me  writing my come back of sorts post. 

Where was i for so long and why was i away from writing?
None of anybody's bloody business.. ha ha ha! 

What to expect in the future blog posts?
A lot of GYAN perhaps (sigh!) Somehow i always think.. i turn a bit too philosophical while i pen down thoughts.. and that is totally unlike me. Will try and avoid doing this!
I have a lot to share, lot to write, lot to explore, lot to experience and lot to hide too ;)

Life has just been great all this while but it has been equally fast too. Have been trying to match up with the pace at times. But most of the times i feel like naina of YJHD - "Jitna bhi try karo, kuch na kuch toh chhootega hi, isliye jahan hai, ussi pal ka maza lete hai". In no way does it mean being happy/satisfied with what you have. I have been enjoying every day and letting the happiness sink in deep within me. So now i am a self proclaimed movie buff, a die hard foodie and an explorer to the core.
Did i mention that i am an experimental cook too? My friends say i cook really well and i would like to believe that :)
Not to forget i have developed a every strange sort of sarcasm, may be perils of watching a LOT of american sitcoms! ha ha!

Time to end this post.. my eyelids are drooping! Will be back soon!